Journey into the Dark Realm - novel

Journey into the Dark Realm

In a distant realm, inaccessible to any human species, a war is fought between two powerful entities. The loser of this war is imprisoned forever and the flourishment of human societies all across the known realms angers this superior being. This entity’s hatred for humankind enrages and it plans its revenge by manipulating the leadership of the greatest human society, the Hellinasans. His manipulations drive this leader to build a massive armada for him, to create a council to still planetary resources and shield the entity’s true motivations and raise an indestructible army to wipe out all human kind. His final devious act is to recruit a troubled young mind to lead his army of doom.


After nearly all of the human societies across the known realm are eliminated, only the humans of Earth stand in the entity’s path of total human annihilation. Only one man, Scott formally from the Hellinasan planet of Macabees can save them. The problem is he isn’t sure if he can do it or if his real destiny is to save it or not. Is he the prophesized one, the chosen one to stop the soulless army or is it all a farce? In the process, and assistance from allies of the Prometheus Council, Scott prepares to fight the infamous and ruthless leader of the Soulless Army, The Skull General.


--Craig Smith

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Clover:An Apocalyptic Tale

The nighttime air was humid. A steady wind whirls ferociously and hurls sandy debris everywhere. A set of predator eyes emerge from the darkness, attentive and unwavering. Rumer has the innate ability to metamorphosize into myth and that myth into legend, as slowly the embodiment of its origin can barely be recognizable against the mythology that it now embodies, which created the humans fear of darkness in the first place.

The myth had many versions, but it went something like this: All fled in fear, when his name was spoken. His name is Clover. With his multitude of skilled characteristics, Clover was the ultimate nocturnal predator.

In this Post-Apocalyptic landscape, humanity is on the brink of annihilation and only Clover a bioengineered assassin designed by the notorious Corporation, stands between its survival and total annihilation. Two adversaries stand on opposite sides, waiting in anticipation to engage one another, with humanity stuck right in the middle. Only one adversary would survive this cataclysmic struggle for survival. Which side would endure and would humanity even survive the blood bath to come, was yet to be determined.

The ultimate question would be, would Clover stand as humanities’ salvation or watch it wither into oblivion?



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Journey into the Dark Realm Press Release